Soft White Cheeses
I sell at the Stanford Sunset Market, once a month and various restaurants in Stanford and Hermanus use my feta cheese and cream cheese. I also provide feta, cream cheese and yoghurt to 2 restaurants in Napier and a shop or two in Struisbaai and L’Aghulas. Ricotta is a by-product of Haloumi and is available when Haloumi is made. Paneer, the Indian cheese often made at home, is also available on request. It is similar to ricotta. Our most recent experiments are with Haloumi and Mozzarella. The Haloumi is lovely but is only made on request since it is reasonably “foreign”. Haloumi is a twice-cooked cheese which must be either fried or grilled before it is eaten. It is sometimes part of breakfast at some delicatessens. Mozzarella balls (the “buffalo” kind) are still in an experimental stage and is only made for family and friends, on a “try-me” basis. We use seasonal, local fruit to produce the “jus” for our flavoured yoghurt (for those who have a sweet tooth), but the unflavoured yoghurt is still unparalleled, in our own opinion.

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Riana Nolte
Soetmuis Kaas
We started producing artisan cheeses in 2002 after friends taught us how to make feta. We sold at the Bunny Park in Benoni and the cheese became quite popular. When we moved down to Napier we set about developing new markets. Napier may be on your whey one day. You are welcome at our home where the cheese is produced in our kitchen-factory. Our fridges are usually full of cheese except when orders have come in thick and fast. If you want anything special, feel free to call before the time.

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